Choose the best style glasses for your face shape!

Are you looking for the perfect pair of glasses, but aren’t sure which style will suit you best?
Here is Miss Specs Appeal face shape guide, so you can feel your most confident in our
stunning specs and shades!

Round Faces:
A round face is soft, and is the same width from jaw to brow, so it suits having glasses that add
definition and structure.
Best choices:
● Square or rectangle frames
● Angular and geometric frames
● Cat eye frames

Square Faces:
Square faces have strong angular edges, so we want to pair this face shape with glasses that
contrast with your strongest features!
Best choices:
● Round frames
● Oval frames

Oval Faces:
This long rounded face shape actually suits many different styles of frames! But you may want
to avoid narrow frames and frames with heavy design elements, as they will lengthen your face
instead of complimenting it!
Best choices:
● Square frames
● Rectangular frames
● Geometric shapes
● Cat eye
● Aviators

Heart Faces:
This face shape is super versatile, and best suits wider frames that have edges just wider than
the forehead.
Best choices:
● Winged-out or wide frames
● Rectangular frames
● Oval frames
● Aviator
● Bottom-heavy frames

Triangle Faces:
To compliment your features and add contrast, look for frames that have a wider top and
narrower bottoms.
Best choices:
● Oval frames
● Frames with a strong brow line
● Aviator
● Cat-eyes glasses

Head into one of our Sydney stores where you will be greeted with a friendly smile and aided in
finding the best choice of glasses for you!

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