Founded in 2020 by the duo Racha Gutierrez and Dahlia Hojeij Deleuze, Ebur is a creative studio whose favorite disciplines revolve around space and what composes it. Sharing a very close sensibility, common values and a desire to create together, the association of the two childhood friends became obvious during their architecture studies in Paris. 

The Ebur universe is built through different eras, cultures and savoir-faires to create places, furniture, singular and timeless objects, in a responsible approach and a privileged relationship with craftsmen. 

The Ebur spaces, volumes and lines are inspired by multiple influences from both traditional craftsmanship and major artistic trends.

In their space designs, Dahlia and Racha always preserve the spirit of the place by sublimating the existing. They give meaning to spaces through the choice of furniture and works of art. Their experimentation with shapes, colors and materials creates the harmony of the project. 

We can find in their editions African and Oriental influences through the symbols and materialities of the collections, on an aesthetic inspired by the French and Italian decorative arts of the first half of the twentieth century. This palimpsest defines the Ebur universe and is perpetually enriched. 

Ebur means Ivory in latin, a tribute that Dahlia and Racha wanted to pay to Côte d’Ivoire where they grew up. In this country, craftsmanship is at the heart of the public space, you can wake up with an idea and see it come true the same evening. 

From Lebanon, where they spent all their summers, they retain the imprint of an Oriental and multicultural style opened to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Environments in which their admiration for craftsmanship and their passion for creation were born. 

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