Versigny clinic

Paris, France


Located near Montmartre, it is in this family and lively district of Jules Joffrin that the Versigny practice is located. It is on the ground floor facing the street of a Haussmannian building, in a former workshop, that the architects had to rethink this 120 m² space as an orthodontic practice. The project is marked by the medical imagination of the 1960s: formica chairs, dividing walls in flute glass, and white earthenware tiles, all underlined by a variation of greens present throughout the cabinet. The place is made up of a reception area with a custom-made upholstered bench, a counter and a wood and lacquer screen to add warmth to the clean lines. The care areas have been thought out for their practicality, the worktops and storage are in a softer almond green which goes perfectly with the brushed stainless steel of the specialized chairs and the joinery.
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