Eyewear Trends

No matter your style, sometimes the perfect accessories is a fashion-forward trend that accentuates your look without making a spectacle of your sense of style. Like many trends, some come and go while others will always have a place in the world. In a world of fashion, sometimes bigger is better, and others are quite the cat’s meow.

Eyewear Trends to You Shouldn’t Pass Up

  • Oversized Glasses: As the saying goes, go big or go home. Wearing some oversized frames means you’re meant to be out and about showing off your style. With oversized proportions and different sized frames, your eyes will pop without any effort. Having some oversized frames is just begging for people to look. Add these to your bag for a new look or if you have something to say.
  • Colorful Transparent Hues/Tones: Big, bold, and coming in either thick or thin sizes, these acetate frames are so

lightweight, you may not realize you’re wearing them. They come in different sizes to fit your style and subtle hues to give your look the extra bit it needs.

  • Retro Minimalism: There is a lot of style in a classic throwback, especially in the world of fashion. These stylish

eyeglasses feature retro bridges that speak of the 70s and 80s have made a spectacular comeback. They have remained in style for decades, so you can’t go wrong with a splash from the past.

  • Cat-Eye Eyeglasses: A sleek and sexy look will resonate with many as you rock these stylish cat-eye eyeglasses.

Whether you wear them for business, academia, or going shopping, these glasses will draw attention and prove to be your new best friend in classic eyewear. Don’t let their sexiness fool you, as their contouring adds a serious touch perfect for your playful side.

  • Round Glasses: For those looking for a change, round frames are the perfect addition to your fashion arsenal.

Their retro silhouette will prove that you won’t go unnoticed. They’re both gorgeous and simple in design and show off your free spirit and creativity. They also carry a boldness that can’t be ignored.

Eyeglass trends change, but many times, some styles are born to be classics. Some are inspired by vintage times, while others reveal a more minimalistic and modern touch. No matter which type you choose, these trends are fashion- forward. When it comes to fashion that involves your face, the eyes have it.

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