FRAME-ing Your Face – Finding the Perfect Pair of Frames

For anyone who is new to wearing glasses or have had to wear them for an extended period, picking out the right frame that will match your face shape can be quite frustrating. Even the most fashion-conscious person can spend a lot of time switching out frames in the mirror before giving up.

Before you go and give the mirror your best blue steel impression, you must check these tips to make sure your next pair of eyewear frames your face perfectly.

How to Pick your Frames

  • Give your beautiful face some contrast. Eyewear should ultimately contrast the shape of your face but also be in scale with your face. Your face shape can be oval, oblong, square, round, diamond, or base-down or base-up triangle.
  • Frames should highlight your features. Whatever feature you think is best, highlight it. This could be eyes, skin color, face shape, or even hair color.
  • When it comes to color, trying matching or complimenting. Try warm or cool tones to see what works best for you. Pick some that work with your skin, hair, and eye coloring. Believe it or not, all three create an overall color for you.
  • Size is everything. You want your frames to fit. If they’re too small, they may limit your peripheral vision or be too tight. If they are too big, they might slide off your nose or entirely off your head.
  • Your lifestyle will have an impact on your frame choices. Your eyewear will be part of your life. Picking a pair that represents your personality and even mood is essential to the look.
  • Weight and material can be significant. Whether you’re a material girl or living the practical life, material, and the weight of the frames can mean a lot. You can choose from plastic, metal, and even a combination of elements to choose from. These will affect the weight, cost, and also the longevity of the frames you want.

While choosing a frame can be a bit of a challenge, these tips will help you make the right decision for your eyewear. Your beauty is like a work of art. Like all art, it needs that perfect frame. After all, seeing is believing.

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